(302) 239-3522
(302) 239-3522

Our Restaurant History

Founded by Kevin Barrow in 1992, Prima's Pizza has earned a reputation as one of Hockessin's best pizza shops. One of the reasons people love Prima's Pizza is because we believe in using the best raw products to make the best food for you.


3 Reasons why Pima's is the best choice for your family


1. sauce:


You will always love the wonderful flavor of our sauce

because we don’t cut corners and use a premade sauce from a

can. Great flavor is only achieved by using top quality ingredients,

then adding the proper seasonings at the proper time. We

never rush our sauce we give the seasonings time to “bloom”

before we use the sauce. This process might take extra time but it

ensures that “Wow” taste that sets us apart from ordinary pizzas.


2. dough:


Have you ever wondered why ordinary pizza crust

tastes like cardboard? Again it’s time and quality of products

used. You will always enjoy the best tasting crust from us because

we always use very high protein flour to begin with. Then we

age and “ferment” the dough for the best flavor you just can’t find

anywhere else.


3. cheese:


Cheap cheese will ruin any pizza. So, we never use

third-rated or surplus cheese like others do to save money. Our

cheese is a special blend of 3 premium cheeses which comes from

grain-fed dairy cows. This special blend combined with the

perfect aging is what gives you a rich, full-bodied taste every time.

Check out the photo gallery below for a tour of our restaurant and a behind-the-scenes peek into our kitchen.

Prima's Pizza

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